Proton Electromagnetic Structure

Let us assume that the following is the proton electromagnetic structure:

Proton Electric charge

The proton electric charge density distribution is given as:

X coordinate is the radius with as the distance unit
Y coordinate is the electric charge density with e as the electric charge unit.

Proton electric charge of radius r sphere distribution



Proton Magnetic Charge
Since we know the magnetic charge density is:

Then the electron magnetic charge becomes



We get the electron magnetic charge of the northern hemisphere as the following:




The proton as a whole has zero magnetic charge


The proton's electromagnetic field angular momentum

The proton electromagnetic field equation is given as:

Based on the proton electromagnetic model, the proton always has half spin, the proton spin has electromagnetic origin.

Proton's magnetic moment

The proton magnetic moment is shown below


Proton's Electric field energy

The electric field energy density is as the following:

The total electric energy of sphere of radius r


We can get the proton's total electric field energy as

Proton's magnetic field energy

The magnetic field energy density is:

The proton's magnetic field energy then becomes

If the proton's electric field energy is

Then we get the proton's electromagnetic field energy as the following

Let us define

By substituting k into the above formula, we have

Assuming the proton mass has an electromagnetic origin, then we have

For the proton, the ratio of the magnetic energy to the electric field energy is: